« It would be an essence, the beginning of coming to the purity of tradition. The respect of tradition is the respect of the teaching. It means you have the sincere desire to go into this without ego. Purity in the tradition is very important.

We can clean our physical body through different herbs and medicine we can take on a regular basis to invigorate, to help evacuate if there’s a need for that, etc.

We’ve taken care of our body and to come to the heart is coming back to the intention. It’s something that we desire in our practice. The heart comes through proper working with the breathing in the pranayama practices. That helps connect us to the energetic bodies and the energetic ways of how the body and mind and heart function.


Training starts with the tradition but then comes the intuition. At the beginning it’s not gonna be so clear and so easy to trust it but with time it becomes your guide. »


• Une vidéo SereniTV.